APCMA plays a significant role in projecting the cement industry to the Government and coordinating various activities in respect of formulation of Government policies for the cement industry through its continuous dialogues and interactions.
Represents on all major policy making bodies concerned with cement.
Supplies desired information to all concerned Ministries
Helps in preparation of important Government documents concerning cement like Reports for Five Year Plans, etc.
APCMA identifies and strengthens industry’s role in the economic development of the country.
Provides up-to-date statistical data/information to the industry and other agencies.
Interacts for Industry's problems with the Government and co-ordinates various activities with other bodies.
Focuses infrastructural problems (Rail, Coal, Power, etc) and suggests suitable measures for their solution.
APCMA disseminates information on proper and economic use of cement as well as on properties and application of different varieties.
Provides technical advice on concrete roads.
Creates awareness about eco-friendly packaging.
Creates awareness and supports industry efforts on quality, environment, consumer protection and similar other issues.
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